AimPoint Golf Class Levels

Aimpoint Green Reading Classes

  • AimPoint Express Read ONE

    Class Length–1 Hour
    Prerequisite: None
    Single Direction Breaks
    Putts Up To 20 Feet
     Feeling Slope
     Break Direction
     Short Putts (<5′)
     Medium Putts (5′ to 20′)
     Choosing Correct AimPoints
     Capture Speed

1 Hour $125

(Max of 10 per class)


  • AimPoint Express TWO

    Class Length–1 Hour
    Prerequisite: Express Level 1
    Multiple Breaks
    Long Putts Up To Any Length
     How To Use Express on Long Putts
     Handling Multiple Breaks
     Estimating Green Speed

Cost $150 (on course)

AimPoint Express One and Two classes can be taken on the same day for a cost of $225



  • Midpoint (Chart Read)

    • Exactly How Much Putts break (Single Plane)
    • Learn how slope, angle and distance affect break.
    • Learn how to use our patented Aimchart.
    • Learn about capture speed and how it affects the cup.
2 Hours $200 includes: AimChart, Student access & Follow up Practice or Lessons at reduced rate.

(Max of 6 per class)


  • Individual Lessons (Tour Player Experience)

$250 per hour with on course instruction (Prerequisite Express one or Fundamentals Individual)

  • Advanced Green Reading

    • Learn how to read multiple plane putts (Double Breaking)
    • Learn how AimPoint can be used to chip more accurately
    • How to prepare for tournaments

(Green Mapping and Shot planning)


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